Sales Executives – Special Forces Unit

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Can you offer solutions?

We take our sweet time selecting the most qualified consultants. Practical experience directly related to the industry is preferred. Active engagement as a participant in a startup team is an ideal arrangement.

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What's for dinner?

On the phone or via email, do not tell us what's for dinner. We don't care about your kids either. We don't care where you took your significant other for a vacation.

During the interview process, focus on your impeccable image and your polished presentation during your professional career in sales.

Does that make any sense?

Your bundled charisma is everything when it comes to sales.

Do not touch your smartphone.

Sensitivity to different cultures in global sales requires additional attributes conducive to creating spectacular sales.

We don't want to hear your excuses!

Even the best excuses tell us you are not ready for a challenging sales environment.

      1. Show us your numbers?
      2. How did you meet quotas?
      3. What are your short-term and long-term plans?

Yes, we would love to establish personal relationships, but let's make sure you value a professional career in sales.

Sales Executives – Special Forces Unit Opportunities


Global Executive Candidates:
Complete Steps 1 - 2.

  1. "An Overview of the Sales Profession, with a solar emphasis," by Miguel Hidalgo
  2. "21 Great Ways to Become a Sales Superstar," by Brian Tracy (Audio - Download option only)
  3. "The Way of the SEAL," by Commander Mark Divine (Retired)


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Talent Madness Agency 
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