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Do you have what it takes to launch a startup?

Miguel sponsors entrepreneurial events called "Startup Global Warrior." It has turned into a fabulous hobby!

Are you possessed with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Meetups are held in San Diego, Silicon Valley, and Hong Kong.

Entrepreneurs are extremely disciplined. They should start at a young age. Yet, anyone with the willpower can do it anytime and anywhere in the world.

But first, let's take a field trip back to school!

There are stories to be told about roommates knocking their heads together during college to put together a unicorn. A unicorn is a start-up company valued at over $1 billion. Maybe the talented roommates grew up in the same town. They went to school together, studied the same courses and acquired teamwork playing together on a sports team. Through the years, they stayed in touch to share knowledge, discuss advances in technology and explore opportunities.

Perhaps a unicorn consisting of a startup team met at an accelerator or incubator? They actively participated in Meetups, co-founder groups, and social networking events.

These friendships share many common ingredients. They bonded, learned to trust each other, let go of their egos, and were disciplined enough to put together a great product or service and successfully launch it in a very short period of time.

Today is a great day to begin the journey

There are thousands of wild and crazy startups emerging all over the world. Several of them are sponsored by cities, states, and countries - foreign and domestic.

Established competitors are lurking about looking to invest in a startup for their next merger, nasty take-over, or friendly buy-out.

Another option is to get pumped up with huge doses of energy and self-fund their endeavors.  A deeply ingrained 'solopreneur' may have acquired an array of valuable skills to survive long enough to be the next great unicorn.

There is an increasing number of entrepreneurs that start a business with no intention of ever adding staff, selling or merging with another business. These entrepreneurs may not be the next unicorn and they may not conduct business "in the clouds," but they are extremely successful in a "brick and mortar" endeavor.

Qualified entrepreneurial fanatics are willing to sacrifice and risk everything. They are lonely people. Conventional job-dwellers don't understand them. They are a rare breed but they have the talent and potential to become the next unicorn. After constant bombardment coming from all directions, they have acquired the ingredients and experience necessary to win big-league.

The Casualties are Outrageous unless...

  • The startup team has known since birth that they were going to launch a unicorn or cockroach. The odds are still against them.
  • The startup team has been "battle-tested" early by great mentors and coaches. The odds are still against them.
  • You are gifted like Steve Jobs (talented leader) and have Woz (talented follower) on your team. The odds are still against you.

The odds of success are against you.
Today, there are hand-picked Startup Teams that emerge victoriously.
Your Startup Team has to outsmart them!

Startup Teams are not easy to put together.

But if you want it bad enough.
Apply yourself!

Our free Startup Course for Entrepreneurs is no guarantee of success. In fact, it's the toughest path to success but it seems to work better than the other routes in the long run.

If you arrived here by accident, complete our free Startup Course for Entrepreneurs to get an idea of what it's going to take to lead or follow as a valued participant in a startup team.

Budding Entrepreneurs
Budding Entrepreneurs
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Mark Zuckerberg and Startup Pals
Mark Zuckerberg and Startup Pals
Peter Thiel and Elon Musk
Peter Thiel and Elon Musk
Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman
Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman
President Donald J. Trump and Peter Thiel
President Donald J. Trump and Peter Thiel
Steve Bannon, Elon Musk, President Donald J. Trump
Steve Bannon, Elon Musk, President Donald J. Trump