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  • Practical experience directly related to the role is preferred.
  • Positive engagement as an active participant is an ideal arrangement

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Career Opportunities

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"Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips," by Alison Doyle

Can we offer a humongous challenge that matches your passion and expertise?

We are always recruiting and training Startup-Teams at Miguel Hidalgo & Company.

Thriving on an entrepreneur mindset, let's ride on adventurous roller coaster rides which are in sharp contrast to "treading water" on boring merry-go-rounds.

Do you have what it takes to join a Start-Up?

Start-Up Teams at Miguel Hidalgo & Company are being assembled for hobbies and companies.

Get Excited!

Do you have what it takes to participate in the next unicorn or cockroach?

Are you a creative innovator with big-league dreams? Got enough drive to surf on top of the next wave of unicorns or cockroaches?

Are you determined to make it happen with a disciplined "lean and mean" creative design and development team approach?

If the answers are hell YES, and you fully comprehend the inherent risks of participating in a Start-Up...

Welcome Home!

Seriousness, dedication, lightheartedness, and humor are great attributes to possess.

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