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Do we offer a humongous challenge that matches your passion and expertise?

Startup Teams at Miguel Hidalgo & Company are being assembled for blogs and companies. We thrive on adventurous "roller coaster rides" in contrast to boring "merry-go-rounds."

Get Excited!

Are you a creative innovator with big dreams? Got enough drive to ride on top the next wave of unicorns or cockroaches? Are you determined to make it happen with a disciplined "lean and mean" startup team?

If the answers are hell YES (and you fully comprehend the inherent risks of a startup), welcome home!

Before applying for a position, review Companies and Blogs. With the exception of Global Executive Career Opportunites, all career opportunities are listed under Companies and Blogs. Come back to this point to continue.

Email a great introduction to us.

"Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips," by Alison Doyle

Conduct your own research before contacting us. Take the initiative. Complete the prerequisites. Begin the journey by taking the FREE Startup Course for Entrepreneurs.

  • Why do you want to join our team?
  • How can you improve our bottom line?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What valuable contributions can you make for us today?

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Recruiting Startup Teams

Do you have what it takes to participant in the next unicorn or cockroach?

We can only move as fast as the slowest boat in the convoy.

We are on the hunt for the most passionate candidates with the best qualifications.

We take our sweet time during the recruiting process. We select the best people.

Seriousness, dedication, lightheartedness, and humor are great attributes to possess.

Complete the FREE Startup Course for Entrepreneurs.

Best of luck in your endeavors!

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Global Executive Career Opportunities

Executive Team

Executive Assistant

Junior Executive Assistants

IT Division

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Global Executive Career Opportunities