Blog Opportunities

Read "About Miguel" before reviewing this page.

Blog Opportunities

Miguel presents a variety of hobbies covering many exciting topics.
  • We recruit talented writers as a part-time hobby.
  • We recruit talented social media commenters, group moderators, and forum contributors as a part-time hobby.
  • We recruit talented social media marketing experts for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Linkedin, Instagram, and Quora as a part-time hobby.

What is your "Sphere of Engagement?"

These part-time assignments would be considered "volunteer work." The part-time assignments are ideal for retired, semi-retired or folks bored out of their minds looking for something exciting to do.

** Compensation options available DOE **


  1. Do you have valuable skills to contribute related to the part-time positions being offered?
  2. Do you have samples to submit from successful projects for us to review?
  3. Do you have "influential" relationships with other bloggers?

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Blog Opportunities